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One of the great myths propagated within Christendom is that the book of Revelation is too complicated and controversial to understand. It has even been suggested by some to ignore the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing on those who read it, the book of Revelation. Therefore, to help alleviate this misconception, I have been led to write a trilogy to encourage Christians and to present a glimpse into what the disciple John’s vision might look like if it were played out in the 21st century


Aaron’s Angels takes you on an exciting journey that begins when four junior-highers meet under dire circumstances on a cold and windy Chicago morning and years later are insidiously drawn into the birth pangs of the end-time tribulation. Their trek is guided by the carpenter and archangels Michael and Gabriel but is undermined by Abaddon, General Raze, Colonel Odium, and their legions of demons.


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